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One-to-Many IT Technology is a Washington State licensed business

Computer Technology   Support for Home Users  & Small Businesses

Office: (425) 286-2335

Cell: (206) 579-3314

Email: dean@onetomanytech.com

Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm  Sat: 9am-7pm  Sun: 9am-7pm

Thanks for contacting support. Someone will be contacting you shortly to arrange

a convenient time to remote in and fix your issue.

In the mean time, please follow the steps below to setup remote support to your computer.

1. download the “Team Viewer” Quick Support plug in

    So we will be able to assist you faster.

2. Please choose how you will be paying below for your     remote support session.

 Online support is $40 an hour and then charges are only every 15 minutes from then on.  

Remote Support Instructions Mobile Support Instructions


Office: (425) 286-2335

Cell: (206) 579-3314